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The Best in Autumn 2015 Make Up Trends

Must Haves For Your Make Up Wardrobe

Chanel 2015 beauty trends

It's the fashion new year!

Time to clean out all the old and tired looks from last season and hit the refresh button.

While we are always good at finding new autumn clothes, the make up wardrobe is often over looked.

Old maxims about clashing colours and mix-matched textures are thrown away.

This season a little of this and a little of that can add up to a whole lot of power. Bohemian aesthetics rule the palette with deep rich tones layered with gauze like effects. The eclectic mixing of textures – shimmer and matte, satin and gloss – creates a flare in makeup that harkens to a time gone by.  Autumn 2015 trends push the edges of convention by putting seemingly unrelated colours with pizzazz front and centre. This autumn more is more. Flare, boldness and daring is the spirit of the season.

Here are the top 3 make up trends for the autumn 2015 season:

1.  Shimmer on shimmer:

Usually eyeshadow is a combination of shimmer and matte to create depth.  This season we abandon that rule to create metallic frost and intense light.  Layering shimmer on shimmer is a hot trend for the season.  Colours ranging from gold to purple to grey are the go to colours for eyes.  Don't be afraid to wear lots of eyeshadow this season. 

YSL 2015 

2.  Liquid liner:

Great big bold eyeliner is the key to wearing lots of eyeshadow.  Go for a full retro cat's eye effect or simply build the liner into a heavy, intense application to magnify the appearance of the lashes.  I think both a black and a brown liner is important this season.

Chanel 2015

3.  Matte lipstick:

Deep jewel tones will allow for the full dramatic effect of the season's trends.  Be bold and adventurous with lip colour - don't be concerned that the colour may be "too much."  This season if you think your lipstick is too flamboyant it means you probably need to wear more - and in a bolder shade!

NARS 2015

Must have colours for autumn 2015:

Eyeshadow: Deep Purple, Sage, Oak, Metallic Grey, Gold

Lips:  Tangerine, Rose, Marsala

Daniel Thompson Beauty Mineral Bohemia 

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