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Shimmer, Shine, Sparkle: Spring 2015 Make Up Trends

New Must-Have Products For the Warmer Season

While most of Canada is still in the deep freeze it is difficult to think about spring - but it is just weeks away! This season there are some serious trends that will dominate the make up landscape.

Here are the top trend items for the season:

1.  Shimmer Glitter Gloss

By far and away the most sought after product for Spring 2015 will be high glitter glosses.  Not glitter like a disco ball, but high calibre reflective particles that create the illusion of super sparkles.

Best shades for the season:

Soft Pink and Deep Cherry!

Pictured here: 

Department Store Option:  Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine in Sakura Shimmer

Spa Option:  Daniel Thompson Beauty Gilded Gloss #8

Drug Store Option:  Stila Magnicent Metals Gloss in Pink Sapphire


2.  Complexion Enhancers

Not really a blush but not actually a foundation.  Not a bronzer but used like one.  Certainly not for all over the face but for more areas than just the cheeks.

This new category of skin enhancers are soft matte powders with small ribbons of shimmer which, when applied on all the high points of the face, create the illusion of skin that has been exposed to a healthy, robust environment.  Skin looks radiant; not made up.

You will find these useful for all sorts of make up finishes.

Department Store Option:  Chanel Jardin du Chanel

Spa Option:  Daniel Thompson Beauty Complexion Bloom

Drug Store Option:  Rimmel Match Perfection


3.  Bright eye shadow

Because the lips are so transparent, this season, the eyes are the focal point.  High contrast eye colour in bright pastels are the look for the season.

My favourite combination is turquoise and pink.

Department Store Option:  Lancome My French Palette

Spa Option:  Daniel Thompson Beauty Celestial Shadow Cosmos #5

Drug Store Option:  Lise Watier Palette Expressions


4.  Sculpted brows

If there is one trend to which everyone should pay heed it is that of the perfectly sculpted brow.  Clean lines, set in place and absolutely no stray hairs.

Use an invisible gel to create the effect - you can sculpt the brow without looking made up.

Department Store Option:  Marc Jacob Brow Tamer

Spa Option:  Daniel Thompson Beauty Invisible Groomer

Drug Store Option:  e.l.f. Gloss Lash and Brow Gel



All DTB products pictured here are launching in stores and online March 23