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Put These Beauty Items in Your Bag: Best Buys for 2015

Save Money, Save Time and Save Your Sanity

I just got an email asking me where my "Best Beauty Buys of 2014" were; somehow I had completely forgotten to publish my annual list!

Sorry about that everyone; I was sure I had written and posted it. Just goes to show how powerful my dreams must be because that is the only way I can explain overlooking such a list.  I simply must have dreamed doing it and convinced myself it was complete.

So without any further ado:

The Beauty: BUSTED! Best Buys

From the Department Store

Razor Pit

Everyone should go out and buy this product right now!

Razor Pit calls itself a blade sharpener, but it is actually a blade cleaner. The reality is razor blades actually do not become dull after a few uses, rather they become coated with microscopic skin, hair, and debris, which prevents the blade from actually connecting with the area being shaved. So with each use of the blade it becomes more difficult to get a close and irritation-free shave. The problem is that these particles are so small, simply rinsing the blade will not remove them. Barbers know this and that is why they always prep a blade before use (a barber uses a wide strip of leather called a strop)—they are not actually sharpening their blades, but rather cleaning them so the already fine blade will connect smoothly with the surface of the skin.

Razor Pit actually removes the particles so the blades themselves can do the very job for which they were intended.

From the Spa

Daniel Thompson Beauty Mineral Moisturizer

This is the product everyone keeps wishing was available on the market - an all-in-one formula that replaces seven different skin care and make up items!

Irresistibly comfortable and lightweight moisturizer melts into skin while providing a fresh, radiant, and undetectable coverage.  Silk particles, pre-coated with star shaped Titanium Dioxide, create a perfectly even skin tone.  Mineral Moisturizer offers the benefits of skin care and makeup in one product:  day cream, eye cream, serum, primer, concealer, foundation and setting powder.  Optical diffusion imparts radiance while natural botanicals of White Lily and Jasmine reduce visible pores.  Enriched with Vitamins C and E for full antioxidant protection.

New Beauty: What to Do Differently this Year

From Mass Retail Store 

L'Oreal Precious Oil

This product is absolutely a spa quality hair care treatment for almost half the price!

This product reduces frizziness and creates a smooth, sleek hairstyle, with just enough shine to reflect light without causing a greasy effect. Never accept that a product sold in a salon is somehow superior in formulation than similar products sold in a grocery store. Just check the ingredients to verify that fact.

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