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Beauty: BUSTED! 2015 Beauty Routine Resolutions

Start These Beauty Habits Now!

January always brings the list of resolutions. Some are just lofty dreams while others are real life-changing commitments. I have a list I would like to offer to all cosmetics/beauty/make up fans.

Here is the Beauty: BUSTED! 2015 Resolutions:

1.  Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Most women never clean their brushes.  It just seems like another chore to do.  A host of problems occur with dirty brushes:

a) make up looks heavy and dry

b) bacteria spreads from face to product and back

c) colours mix together creating a fake effect on the face

d) make up does not blend easily

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure your make up looks amazing and stays clean is to wash your brushes regularly.  A simple rule is when your make up looks like it was applied too heavily (even when you use the regular amount you always use) it is time to wash your brushes.  Anywhere from once a week to once a month, depending on how frequently you wear make up.  Avoid any brush cleaner containing alcohol.  I use a mild shampoo and it works just fine.

2.  Remove Your Make Up Before Bed

Leaving your make up on will not only cause breakouts but it actually damages the skin.  From sallow colouring, to dark circles under the eyes, to enlarged pores, to skin irritation and rashes - all these can be avoided simply by washing your face before bed.  Too tired and lazy some nights?  Simple - just use a baby wipe to remove all your make up.  You're done in less time than it takes to brush your teeth.

3.  Use Correct Lighting

Make up needs to applied in natural light.  The different glows cast by artificial light cause make up to look warmer or cooler than it actually is.  The best place to apply make up is near a window that allows natural light.  Of course in winter this can be difficult in the early morning (what with the sun not coming up until well past a reasonable hour) so I suggest using directional lighting that is aimed toward the face.  When selecting artificial light sources check the CRI on the bulbs (Colour Rendering Index).  The higher the number the more close it will match natural daylight.  You want to select a CRI of 90 or higher for use when applying make up.

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4.  Throw Away Old Make Up

Haven't used it for a while?  Can't remember when you bought it?  It smells sweet or sour?  Make up has a shelf life, usually from a few months to a few years.  It needs to be discarded if not used because it will start to grow bacteria, microbes, and fungus.  Don't get all hung up that you spent money and now you are throwing it away; it's better safe than sorry.

Simple guide to make up shelf life:

Mascara = 3 months

Powder products = 24 months

Creams = 18 months

Shampoo = 9 months

Concealer = 9 months

Liquid make up = 12 months

Lipstick = 9 months