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Rich Colour, Shimmering Light: Autumn 2014 Makeup Trends

Will you try any of these new beauty/style trends?

Autumn is only two weeks away!

Well, at least in the world of fashion it is two weeks away.  

With all the new clothing looks now in stores, the new makeup trends are right around the corner. Expect to see major releases from all the major brands starting August 22.

The Fashion Low Down:


Over flowing capes (pictured here is from the Chloe)

Lux furs (pictured here is from Marc Jacobs) 

Streamlined plaids (pictured here is from Vera Wang)

Slouch boots (pictured here is from Opening Ceremony)

The Makeup Low Down:


 Rich eye shadows

 Shimmering, bright lips

 Long extended eye lashes

 Juxtaposed colours

My Personal Favourites This Year:


Estee Lauder: This collection takes all the glamour of runway fashion and presents it in a wearable, uptown New York statement. Perfect for anyone who wants the current look, but a softer, more subdued version.

YSL Beaute: True runway style. Everything is intensely applied, creating a full, in-your-face effect. Perfect for anyone who wants the trend at its most literal translation.

Lancome: This collection easily combines the flare of pure runway with the wearability of everyday makeup. Everything is on point and nothing is obtrusive or overdone. Perfect for anyone who wants fashion, but needs it to be acceptable for office wear.

Next up: Meet Dan Thompson in person! My autumn tour begins on August 25. I will be making appearances in 10 retail stores in 6 cities. The list of locations will be published this week.

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