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Hot Makeup Trend: Gel Eye Liner

The Must-Have Product For The Season

They are everywhere right nowgel eye liners. This incredibly popular type of eye makeup has been used for years by professional makeup artists, and now has hit with mainstream consumers.

Personally, I love gel eye liners.

They are incredibly versatile to use providing all the ease of pencil eye liner with the durability of liquid. Gel eye liner is incredibly easy to apply, and unlike liquid, it can blend beautifully into eye shadow to create definition and "smoke." What also makes gel eye liner amazing is that while it is highly blendable, it also sets to a smudge-proof, water-resistant finish.

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Truly, this type of eye liner is something I think everyone should keep in their makeup collection.

Here are my top picks for Gel Eye Liners:



Maybeline Eye Studio Long Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner  ($8 for 15mL)

Highly concentrated pigments

Intense, long-lasting colour                                                   

Contact lens-safe

Available in 4 shades


 Department Store:

Bobbie Brown Long Wear Gel Eye Liner ($24 for 15mL)

Looks like liquid liner

Long-wearing, water-resistant

Will not smear or crease

Available in 14 shades



Daniel Thompson Beauty The Gel Liner ($36 for 15mL)

Precision lining

12 hour wear without touch-up


Available in 3 shades

The only downside to gel eye liner is the requirement of a brush with which to apply. Once you get the hang of using a brush to apply liner, you will love how these gels wear.

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