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Lipstick Personalities: What Your Lipstick Says About You

Forget card readings or zodiac signs, it's the lipstick that you wear that reveals your true nature

what does your lipstick say about you

It is quite possible to tell a great deal about a woman from the way she uses her lipstick.

For many years I have been teaching young make up artists to always ask their clients to show them a used lipstick.

The insight can help a professional make up artist find the right look, colour, and product for her client.

I know, for me, when I see a woman's lipstick I can immediately create an experience, environment and a service that is perfectly suited to her desires.

Here's what your lipstick tells me about you — let me know how close I am to your actual personality:


From Left to Right:

1.  Maintains the original shape:

-Slightly shy; reserved by nature

-Loves her schedule and keeping it in order

-Enjoys rules and adhereing to them

This client usually wants an understated style that is clasic — her look neither comes into fashion nor does it go out of fashion


2.  Pointed round:

- Highly loveable; this is the person everyone wants to be friends with

-A "doer"; want results? talk to this woman

-Family oriented; both chosen and related family, this woman always puts her loved ones first

This client loves bright and fun colours but is always cautious not to over do her look. Her style says "outgoing but not irresponsible."


3.  Convex:

-Generous; she always has extra of everything for those with less

-Easy going; rarely ruffled and certainly open to going with the flow

-Even tempered; she really doesn't see the need to amp up the drama

This client is always open to trying new fashions; she may not embrace them but she is not afraid of them — her look takes from current trends and classic styles and mixes them all together.


4.  Flat top:

-High sense of morals without being judgmental

-Concise communicator; she does not waste words

-Loyal and dependable; a dream partner, boss or employee

This client knows exatly what she wants in her make up — she researches, examines and decides before she meets a make up artist. Possibly the easiest client to please because she is very clear about what she likes and does not like.


5.  Extreme angle:

-Selective when using the word "friend"

-Very outgoing; she knows how to have fun

-Rarely keeps to her schedule; she has just too many things to do in a day

This client is often hard to impress but once you do she is very impressed. Her look is very styled, tailored and structured. Nothing is ever out of place.


6.  Concave:

-Inquisitive by nature; she requires information

-Adventurous; she always wants to test her limits

-Loves solving a puzzle and learning new skills

This client loves the techniques of applying make up. She isn't so worried about having the current style rather than knowing how to use all the newest products properly. Her look is fresh and current.


7.  Sharp angles:

-Faithful; this is the friend who stands up for you when you are not around

-Spiritual; a contemplative person 

-Maintains a mystery about herself

This client wants a look that says she is aware of fashion but not ruled by it — her look is all style and very little fad.


8.  Pointed angle:

-Creative; never one to accept convention, always looking for a new way to achieve goals

-Energetic; it seems, sometimes, this woman will never slow down, but that is a misconception. This woman simply has drive.

-Extremely helpful; she knows success comes through collaboration.

This client wants a look that ensures people will find her trustworthy — her style says she is ready to be a team player.


So who are you? Tell me by leaving a comment below.