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Experts On Call: CFRA Show Part 4

The Top Four Myths About Healthier Choice Product Pricing

In part four of Experts on Call, the roundtable discusses the myths surrounding the retail prices of healthier choice cosmetics.

Consumers have a belief that healthier choice products come in limited shades and are priced at a premiumone which is often out of reach for most consumers.

While this may have been true some decades ago, when product offerings were extremely limited, it is no longer the case.

Here are the top four myths about healthier choice product pricing:

1. Better costs more.

This is untrue. As a matter of fact, when compared to even mass-produced drugstore cosmetics, healthier choice products often rank within the median price point of all cosmetics.

2. Ingredients are expensive.

Untrue. The majority of the cost for cosmetics is the packaging. This is true even for healthier choice options. It's okay to buy glam packages, but there is little to no difference in the price of the actual ingredients when it comes to conventional vs. healthier choice cosmetics formulas.

3. Price is the only factor designers consider.

Again, not true. Usage, ease of understanding, fashionable statement, safety, and, of course, sex appeal are all considered when designing a cosmetic, even when the cosmetic is a healthier choice. Making a product cheap just to be able to sell it is not the only consideration companies use to determine a product's viability.

4. Every product should be the best quality.

I disagree with this statement. Sometimes a lower quality is actually a better choice. For example, when a young person is first experimenting with make up, I suggest using a less expensive, lower quality product that can be wasted, and then graduating in to a higher quality formula once skills are learned.  

One thing is true, howeverconsumers need more transparency when shopping for cosmetics. This is slowly happening, but is still a long way from complete.

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