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3 Very Common Make Up Mistakes

Avoid These Small Errors to Change Your Entire Look

There is no "correct" way to do a make up.  Make up, like anything in fashion, is a personal expression of style.  There are, however, some guidelines that are a good idea to follow when creating a personal look.  Just like putting a great outfit together creating a make up look that is polished and sophisticated is easy to do with just a couple of pointers.

Here is my top 3 list of common make-up mistakes that can detract from a great make up look:

1.  Over-extended lipliner.

Overdrawing lips is a very old fashioned way of creating the illusion of fullness.  In my opinion it never looks natural or even remotely interesting.  It often comes off looking clown-like and, close up, looks extremely fake.  Lipliner is best when it follows the natural shape of the mouth and is placed along the actual Vermillion border (the white area just around your lips).

Alternative:  If you want that full lip effect you can get it — injectable fillers will create natural looking plumpness that lasts for up to 2 years. They are safe and effective. Just don't over fill. If you use fillers only use them to create 10-20% more fullness. Anything more than that starts to look plastic and fake.




2.  Drawn on eyebrows.

Penciled in brows always look garish; almost Halloween like.  It's tempting to really fill in a brown until it looks like a line but that is exactly what the effect creates — a drawn line that, no matter how soft the colour, looks like it was tattooed onto the face.  Use powder instead of pencil and gently colour the hair of the brow, never touching the skin, for a more natural effect.

Alternative:  if you want full dark lashes that look real try brow tinting.  It last for a few weeks and can be done in about 15 minutes at any salon or spa.




3.  Coloured mascara.

A personal pet peeve of mine.  Coloured mascara always draws attention away from the entire look.  It always looks out of place.  A great make up look is often diminished when coloured mascara is applied.  I have never been a fan of it and I have never seen it done well.  It works for a stage show but really does not work for street wear make up.  Choose black or brown mascara.  It always looks real and never detracts form the rest of the make up style.

Alternative:  if you want to create a fun, dramatic and splashy effect with eye make up try using a metallic eyeliner rather than coloured mascara.  It can be very fun and does not have the same distracting effect coloured mascara has.