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Autumn 2013 Make-Up Trends

What's Hot This Season

Autumn 2013 is just weeks away and with its arrival comes all the new Autumn fashion and make-up trends.

Here is your sneak peek at what is going to be the "must have" items of the season.


The Fashion Lowdown:

1.  Risque, without revealing, fabrics

2.  Starkly pretty lines

3.  Tough, dark, and strong shapes

4.  Artisanal femininity

5.  Geometric precision in hemlines and shoulders

6.  Towering heels

Of course this translates to the make-up arena creating some of the most dramatic effects to been seen in many seasons.

The Make-Up Lowdown:

1.  Multi-toned eye shadow

2.  Dramatic liner

3.  Bold, bright lips

4.  Alabaster polished skin

The new Daniel Thompson Beauty Autumn/Winter Collection, Mineral Artiste, will be in stores on September 5. You can meet yours truly, starting early September, and experience the newest product in person.