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Top 5 Eyebrow Mistakes

SImple Grooming Errors to Avoid

Boom Boom Brow Bar is a chic boutique spa in the West Village in NYC. Known for its kitsch factor and amazing brow services this expert spa is quickly becoming the go to place in NYC for the perfect brow.

Recently they published the Top 5 no no's when grooming brows.

I could not agree with this list more.

Here is the Boom Boom Brow Bar Top 5 Brow Mistakes reposted:

1. Over Plucking — brows that are too thin, have gaps, are too short or start too far from the center of the nose. Put the tweezers down and see a PROFESSIONAL!


2. Bleached Out Brows — don’t let the sun or hair color bleach/lift brow color, brow disappear. Keep them bold by tinting or filling in with powder.

3. Constant Picking — hair gets on different growth cycles and critical eyes tend to be obsessive and do damage to shape/density. Get monthly shaping and be done with it!

4. Losing the Arch — the best brows have a slight arch, if holding a brush parallel to the outside edge of the colored part of the eye (the iris), where the brush meets the brow is where the highest part of the arch should be. Lose it and it will take time to recover.

5. Using a Pencil — REALLY?? Those days are over.