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3 Steps To Prevent Winter Dryness

Winterize Your Skin

I flew to an extreme climate yesterday. I sometimes forget, living in Toronto, that Canada has such variety in climate zones. When I walked off the plane I was hit by -25C temperatures and such arid air that I could actually feel the moisture evaporating from my skin.

Immediately I thought: "What can be done to prevent such extreme stress on the skin?"

While most of us know to use great moisturizers, during the cold winter months, there are some great beauty tips, of which many people never think, that will save your skin and also your budget!

If you are suffering from winter dryness try these three methods to prevent dehydration and irritation.

1.  Change Cleanser. $$$$ this option will cost some money

This is the time of year to switch to cleansers with more gentle detergents. Avoid any cleanser that is foaming. The more foam the more drying the cleanser can be. Lotion and cream cleansers will remove dirt, oil and make up but not strip vital lipid content from the skin. Of course, find one that is the right weight and texture for you. Even the most oily skin can use a lotion cleanser without worry.  

My favourite:  Daniel Thompson Cosmeceuticals The Cleanser ($84 for 150mL)



2.  Omega Oil Applications. $$ this option costs a little money

An easy way to prevent irritation and dryness is to increase Omega 3 oil in the skin. An inexpensive way to do so is to use Omega 3-6-9 capsules (the ones you buy in the vitamin aisle at the drugstore), break them open and apply directly to the skin. Apply one capsule once a day and the skin will retain its lipid content and natural water barrier. You don't need an expensive serum. Use the capsules instead.

My favourite:  Jamieson Omega 3-6-9  ($20 for 150 caspules)



3.  Reduce Water Temperature. This option is free

Avoid very hot water on the skin, either in the shower or the bath or even to splash the face. Reduce the water temperature to warm or tepid and the skin will not dehydrate at all. Simply adjust the heat and the skin will require less moisturizer and also balance its own oil and water content naturally.