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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Unique Ideas Sure To Please

Here we gojust seven shopping days left until the holidays!

Every year, I am asked what people can find at the very last minute for great gifts. Everyone waits so long to shop, but still wants to have big impact with a budget! Of course, I am no different. I am always looking for a great way to impress with gifts, and respect my budget.

Here are two great ideas for unique last-minute holiday gifts that no one will expect:

1. Personalized fragrance consultation

There are some great fragrance specialists working in the cosmetics industry, and, yet, most people don't think to book a consultation to choose a signature scent. Makeup artists and skincare specialists are always booked up with consultations, but fragrance specialists are often overlooked.

This year, my best friend told me he was so tired of the fragrance that he has been wearing for well over twenty years and wanted to find a new signature scent, so I booked him a personal one-on-one appointment with one of the best fragrance experts in Toronto. The appointment includes a one hour evaluation of colours in his wardrobe, his work environment, and lifestyle activities. Then a blind aroma test to determine notes he is personally drawn to. After the aroma test, he will explore different blends until the perfect harmony is found. He will wear the fragrance for a number of hours and test different versions of his theme. After several trials, the specialist will introduce him to various concentrations of the fragrance, and then a selection will be made. His own personal signature to wear!

Cost: $100, but it includes a $100 credit towards your chosen fragrance.

My personal recommendation for a fragrance specialist:

Lynn Blouin: one the best in the entire industry. Lynn knows how to match fragrance with personality, as well as find that perfect, unique, and rare perfume.

Andrews: 55 Avenue Road Toronto 416-969-9991


2. Cosmetics for the home

All the major cosmetics companies make home products. These are incredibly affordable, even at the designer boutiques. They are unique, and often people who use the cosmetics that match don't even know they exist.

I love buying the home products of my friends' favourite cosmetics lines, because they always delight. Plus, people love to brag about how their home has been treated by their favourite designer cosmetics.

My personal recommendation for a unique home product:

Eau de Lit by Guerlain ($60 for 100mL)

This is a linen spray that refreshes sheets, works on couches to remove smells, and can be ironed into clothes to refresh items not yet ready for the dry cleaner. Completely unexpected, and beautifully packaged, it really has great impact for little dollars.