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Holiday Shopping For Cosmetics

Best Buys At The Department Store

Holiday 2012—here we go! This is the best time of year to buy cosmetics and fragrances. Companies pull out all the stops to create incentives and deals for cosmetics shoppers. Often consumers complain that cosmetics never go on sale (at least not the name brand, designer ones), but that is not true. It's just that the sales look different. Rather than mark products down in price the cosmetics company "value add" their offering. The literally give away products for free with purchases.  

The holiday season is when they give away the most and best free products.

Here is my annual guide to best freebies in the cosmetics departments:

1.  Fragrance Coffrets

Every single fragrance company will give away full-size shower gels, deodorants, lotions, and assorted body products when you buy a single bottle of fragrance. Not the small gift with purchase sizes you are used to during the year. Actual full-size goodies. All boxed up and ready to give as a gift—or as I like to do—rip apart and give as different gifts! Just walk through any department store fragrance department. You can't miss these deals.  Usually you can get 50%-80% off your purchase price in free goodies.

2.  Make Up Blockbusters

Hundreds of dollars worth of make up for under $50? Yep! All the companies do these special box sets every year. Often worth $400-$500 in value these are offered as a purchase with purchase. Simply buy any regular priced product and you can buy the extra huge set at an extra huge savings.

3.  Free Services

The Bay just started offering facials, manicures and even dermatology level skin treatments free (at selected counters) when you make any qualifying skincare purchase. Buy some goodies as gifts, keep the expensive spa treatment for yourself.

Facials. The Bay has build state-of-the-art facial treatment rooms (cabines) for its most successful brands (Decleor, Shiseido, Elizabeth Arden and Clarins) and are now offering full European facials at no charge to any client who wishes to make an appointment. All facials will be performed by qualified aestheticians and will be done in the privacy of the cabine.
Technology. The Bay has authorized the introduction of dermatology technology (IPL, DermalDiagnostics, Skin Analytics) for its better known brands. This year clients can receive full dermatologist level treatments at Shiseido and Elizabeth Arden counter—for free! Again services will be provided by qualified aestheticians. 
Manicure services. The Bay is capitalizing on the express nail service industry in an attempt to draw clients away from nail bars and into the department store. This year they introduce free manicure services at all Nars and Yves Saint Laurent counters. Services will be provided by nail technicians.
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