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Makeup Application Myths

There Are No Rules To Makeup

The party season is in full swing. Makeup becomes something of a necessary accessory this time of year! Of course, the usual e-mails I receive always ask me about the "rules" for application. My opinion is simple: there are no rules! Makeup should be fun and easy, not laborious and annoying.

Quite simply, I say throw out all the rulesdo what you want.

There are some persistent "rules" I hear all the time, however, that really need debunking.

Here are the top three "rules" to which people often adhere:

1. Bronzer is only worn in the summer.


Bronzer is a great alternative to blush in general. It can be used at any time of the year, and on any skin tone, for a simple, clean, and natural-looking makeup. As a matter of fact, bronzer is the best option for that no-makeup look. Use a softer shade in the winter, for sure, but it does not need to be reserved for only the summer months.


2. Never wear blue eye shadow.


Blue is incredibly versatile and there are literally hundreds of shades from which to choose. Most people think blue eye shadow means a colour similar to pool-cue chalk, but what about deep navy, turquoise, sapphire, or even periwinkle? Blue can be used as an accent, or even as the focal colour of the eyes.



3. Lipstick must always be worn with lip liner.


While it is true that lip liner will give a great finish to the edge of the lipstick and will prevent lipstick from moving, there are actually other ways to achieve thisa lip brush, for example, will allow for precise application and the perfect finish to the edge of the lipstick. As for smearing and feathering of lipstick? Why not use a matte formula for staying powerno liner required.


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