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Mineral Make Up VS Traditional Make Up

What's So Special About Minerals

Some time ago I wrote about this very topic and recently I was asked to clarify the difference between Mineral make up and Traditional make up.

The most important thing to understand is that Mineral make up is not special because of what it contains but rather what it does not contain.

Mineral Make Up

Talc-Free - light reflecting

No Wax Filler - durable

Oil-Free - won't clog pores

Fragrance-Free - safe for all skin

No Coal Tar Dyes - non petroleum base     

Traditional Make Up

Contains Talc - light absorbing; make up looks dull

Contains Wax - poor durability; make up needs constant touch up

Oil Base - causes skin congestion

Heavy Perfumes - responsible for 90% of known allergies to make up

Coal Tart Dyes - derived from petroleum and very volatile

With just the exclusion of just a few ingredient categories mineral make up can offer products that are:

 10 times safer than traditional make up

 Water resistant for up to 80 minutes

 Safe for all skin types

 Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory

 Can be applied after any esthetics or medical procedure