Consuelo Bernardi: The B Sides


The 90s Revisited

Alt Rock...Grunge...It Was All Good

Later this year, Stone Temple Pilots will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Core, by playing the album in its entirety during their tour that kicks off on September 1st.

Yes. Twenty years. Crazzzzzyyyy right?

Well that got me thinking about my 20-something days where I lived in my black Doc Martens and blue plaid Seattle grunge inspired jacket, watched the movie 'Singles' non-stop, lusted after Chris Cornell and listened to music that my parents HATED. (Yes I still lived at home in my 20s. I was the first born daughter of Italian immigrant parents. Need I say more really?)

Needless to say my parents did not let me move to Seattle to one with that music scene.

So a YMC Bsides playlist was created. A trip down that alt rock grunge musical memory lane.

.The 90s alt rock...flashback. by Consuelo Bernardi on Grooveshark