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Spotlight: Rosie And Me

New Music To Check Out

The band? ROSIE AND ME

Sounds like? Perfect if you love the stylings of SHE & HIM, FEIST, THE CIVIL WARS, THE SWELL SEASON, and BAND OF HORSES.
Hailing from Southern Brazil, the five piece band fronted by Rosanne Machado, draws inspiration from their culture as they blend their sound with American folk music. 
This is a unique combination that illuminates throughout their music. Machado leads the band on their musical journey as she is a triple threat on lead vocals, acoustic guitars and banjo. 
Alongside Rosie are Ivan Camargo (acoustic guitars), Thomas Kossar (electric guitars), Guilherme Miranda (bass guitars) and Tiago Barbosa (drums/perc). The group blends insightful lyrics, brilliant melodies and female vocals reminiscent of indie favorites like Zooey Deschanel, Feist and Joy Williams from The Civil Wars.

In 2010 ROSIE AND ME released Bird and Whale, which gained critical acclaim from over 80 music blogs worldwide, and a dedicated fan base. Now with a new batch of songs in tow, ROSIE AND ME are a ready to take the music world by storm once again as they see the release of Arrow of My Ways, today and head to SXSW next month. Above you can get a taste of the album by downloading the title track, “Arrow of My Ways." This beautiful and haunting song is a nice introduction to new fans, and a gorgeous gem to those who are already on the bandwagon.         

Rosie And Me might just be your new favourite band of 2012. They are an act that will definitely catch your attention.