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Sheepdogs Strike It Big

Unsigned Canadian Band Gets to Live the Dream

The Sheepdogs, an unsigned rock band from Saskatoon, SK, has struck it big time by winning Rolling Stone's first-ever cover contest. So come Friday, the band will have their faces plastered all over the iconic music magazine.

Bottom line - publicity wise, that's HUGE. Oh and the band is also getting a deal with Atlantic Records.

Today the band's "Five Easy Pieces," a digital EP of The Sheepdogs' 70s-influenced rock music is being released and to top off the publicity filled day, they'll perform on NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon".

SXSW described the band like this...

"While most rock bands are all too focused on the riff, the Sheepdogs remember the importance of those other elements that make for great rock music: melody, harmony and groove. To see them live is pure rock and roll jubilation, to revel in the splendour created by 3 part vocal harmonies and heavy hitting dual guitar leads. The boys prove they are as dedicated to the craft of song writing and album making as they are to playing a dynamite live show. The Sheepdogs are an old-school rock and roll revival."

Basically think anything that you would hear on the soundtrack for movies like Almost Famous, Dazed and Confused or High Fidelity.

Here is their track 'I Don't Know'


And one more...this one is called 'Who'...

To The Sheepdogs, all I can say is enjoy the've earned it.  You've made Canada proud.