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Michael Buble and Sam

The Canadian Crooner Will Melt Your Heart

“I wasn’t sure whether I would do it, but I’d had a couple of glasses of wine and I just thought, go for it, and I just marched up to the stage and told him. Sam was amazing. I am so proud.” ~Sam's mom, Paula Hollyman

This is the viral video of the week and if you aren't a Bublé fan yet, I'm pretty sure this will make you one. The man melts my heart he does.

Back on October 9th (2010), while at the concert, the mother of 15 year old Sam Hollyman asks Michael Bublé if her son could come sing with him on stage. At first Michael seems mildly annoyed, with that 'WTF woman you are so crazy, someone get security' look on his face (I mean the woman is interrupting his concert after all) but Michael's reaction is so genuine and priceless and makes me love him even more.

Lesson here...a mom will do anything to see her children's dream fulfilled, even if takes some pre-concert liquid courage to do it.

Here is Sam's take on what went down...his radio interview on BBC Radio Stoke a few days after the show

And for the record my new favourite line going into 2011 will be 'holy shit balls' thanks to Mr. Bublé. Love him. Le sigh. Luisana Lopilato you are one very lucky woman.


***Update: Here's the entire encounter - non edited version: