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Matthew Mayfield Spotlight

One On On One With Matthew Mayfield

Earlier this week I wrote a feature on one of my favourite singer/songwriters on my iPod - Matthew Mayfield....he's crazy talented at crafting a beautiful song that gets you 'right there' every single time you listen and the fact that he's ummm dreamy....easy on the eyes...well it's an added bonus.

Really Google his'll be viewing images for a while....but I digress....cause it's ahem all about the music on the Bsides.

So through the magic of a few email exchanges with A-Squared Management, I was able to chat with Matthew Mayfield about paying his dues, Slash and gummy worms.

Oh and as you read the interview you'll see that Matthew totally calls me out for screwing up the title of his latest album. I could have edited that out and pretended like it never happened....but it did. And for the record I blame my daughter - always blame the children.

So Matthew if you could go back and talk to the '19 year old you' that quit school to start a new band....what words of advice would you have for him?

Tough one. I'd have so much to say.

Do it all yourself until you can find a team you trust to help you. No one owes you anything in this business. They will chew you up. When a big label comes along and says, "We're gonna make you a star!" -- don't listen. Just keep writing great songs and giving it everything you have onstage. Seven people or 700 people. And stop trying to impress people with your complexities!!! (I was writing songs that were borderline prog-rock). Only nerds (like me) care about that stuff. Normal people just want something they can tap their foot to.

You've said that after you walked away from the big Epic Record deal that "we realized this isn’t about overnight success. You have to grind it out for a LONG time. You have to work your ass off just to get by. You have to keep paying your dues and keep paying your dues and keep paying your dues." Do you think you'll ever finish paying those dues...or is that 'success' something that is continually evolving?

I don't think it ever stops. The minute you stop being hungry and ambitious is the minute you should quit. Once you start playing big rooms it may appear that you've maxed out. Some bands buy that and stop trying. But some bands stay hungry and keep changing it up. We could all learn a thing or two from Foo Fighters. They play stadiums AND they play in fans' garages. I've always got my mind on what's next and how we can make it better on the next level. I wanna be an artist who gives the fans what they paid for. Just working on getting there first. Patience, Matthew son. Patience.

What music/artists are you listening to right now....a Matthew Mayfield Top 5 can make it 10...but I'll be happy with 5....

It's pretty all over the place these days. MM top 5 at the moment (4/27/11 3:00 pm)

Led Zeppelin
Patty Griffin
Foo Fighters
Iron & Wine

Your new album 'Now I'm Free' - what does the title mean for you?

*It's actually called Now YOU'RE Free...get it right. Jeeeeez!! :)

For me, it's all about a new beginning. I went through a lot in late 2008 and 2009. Grief is such a heavy burden to carry in the human heart. When we started making this record, some of that weight was suddenly lifted. Part of me felt like a kid again. I don't think we'll find true, untainted freedom til the next life -- but I'm taking what I can get for now. One day at a time...

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word/name....

Slash: the king
Eddie Vedder: the captain
Stevie Ray Vaughn: GUTSY
Bruce Springsteen: perfect simplicity
Jimmy Page: swagger
Birmingham: home SWEET home
Gummy Worms: pleasure
Rock 'N Roll: a force like none other. it can change everything.
Pledge Music: my fans. the die hards who I made this record for.
Nashville: let's go make another record tomorrow!!

Matthew Mayfield's new album Now You're Free is available on iTunes. Go. Download. It. Now. Trust me you'll totally fall for Mr. Mayfields musical stylings....think Dave Matthews meets Eddie Vedder - like really how can you go wrong?

Le sigh.

You can catch Matthew on tour if you happen to live in parts of Texas, Los Angeles, the Southeast and Midwest...(ahem, may I suggest a north of the border tour Matthew?)

May 18 - Los Angeles, CA - Hotel Cafe
May 25 - Mount Pleasant, SC - Village Tavern
May 26 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
May 27 - Chattanooga, TN - Rhythm & Brews (Supporting Erick Baker)
May 28 - Louisville, KY - Uncle Slayton's
June 1 - Houston, TX - The Mink
June 2 - Austin, TX - Lambert's
June 3 - Dallas, TX - Prophet Bar
June 18 - Columbus, OH - Rumba Cafe (Co-Headlining with Matt Duke)
June 19 - Grand Rapids, MI - Intersection (Co-Headlining with Matt Duke)
June 22 - Evanston, IL - SPACE (Co-Headlining with Matt Duke)
June 23 - Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews (Co-Headlining with Matt Duke)
June 25 - Marshfield, WI - Columbia Park (Co-Headlining with Matt Duke)
June 29 - Milwaukee, WI - Summerfest 2011

**Yesterday tornadoes ripped through several parts of Alabama - Matthew's hometown state - thoughts and prayers to all those familes who lost their loved ones and suffered devastation to their homes.**