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League of Rock in Ottawa

Life's Too Short To Not See Your Dreams Realized

"When rock and roll was invented, they didn't intend for you to learn it while sitting in a small square room taking lessons from a teacher. You gotta get with friends who share licks, teach each other, and rock out loud." ~League Of Rock

Growing up we all had dreams...some we attained and some we shelved, and some got lost along the way. The thing is, as we get older there comes a time where we take stock of all the things we've accomplished - successful career, family, friends, children and do we feel fulfilled and satisfied? It's inevitable one day you wake up and you're overcome with the desire to revisit those days of your past - especially those dreams that were unfulfilled.

You decide that it's time to do something that's all your own... To express the side of you that has been lost in the shuffle of 'adulthood and everyday life for all those years. You would be surprised how many there are who feel this way.

And that's where The League Of Rock comes in.

The League Of Rock provides a creative outlet all but forgotten to the hidden musical population in cities across North America (Vancouver, Toronto, NYC, Chicago). And now its finally made its way to Ottawa.

Yes Ottawa. For all those adults (men and women alike) who accepted their dreams of being a pro musician were all but over, and thought they'd be forever stuck in the basement with no one to play with, or be stuck singing in the shower where no one can listen... Well those days are over... The creative outlet you've been looking for has finally arrived.

The adult 'hidden musical population' in Ottawa finally has the opportunity to come together with other like-minded adults who are tied together by one common thread... to express their pent up creative side and have the chance to live out that hidden musical dream in all its glory, in a true 'band experience'.

The League Of Rock brings together blue collar workers, government workers, business executives, teachers, lawyers, stay at home moms and dads who have the same musical passion and are vested in the same creative process that is rock'n roll... To come together, meet others who play, learn from pro's, record in great studios and perform in live venues, and ultimately have fun unleashing the music.

Founded in 2006, by Terry Moshenberg and Topher Stott, the LOR has catered to over a thousand adult amateur singers and musicians, offering them a place in a band, a 10 week circuit, playing at industry rehearsal facilities, a recording session at a state-of- the-art studio, and culminating in a spectacular showcase at a landmark live venue.

Like many of his members, Moshenberg was once a basement musician.

“It’s time to come out of the basement and hit the stage. Everyone deserves the ability to continually explore and enrich their lives, and The League Of Rock provides the forum to do that".

League Of Rock, with help from Ottawa’s own Dick Cooper, front man for the long adored band, The Coopers Brothers, Capital Rehearsal Studios and Zaphod Beeblebrox, promises to deliver the same unforgettable adult rock’n roll experience it's famous for in other cities.

Ottawa's launch kicks off with an open house on September 18, 2011 at Zaphod Beeblebrox.

It's your chance to try out the LOR experience before diving in and making the full commitment.

You'll meet the founders and some of the LOR’s pro coaches, get into bands, perform live and record with fellow adult musicians. You'll receive invaluable nuggets of rock’n roll wisdom from coaches such as Dick Cooper (Cooper Brothers) and other great Ottawa area pro’s.

LOR coaches are professional musicians and veterans from the business. They include Yardbirds founder Jim McCarty, long time RUSH Producer Terry Brown, Dan Clancy, Lighthouse, Carlos Alomar, and Earl Slick from David Bowie’s band, and many others.

So Ottawa it's time to step up and live out that dream - life's too short not to see your dream realized. You've been waiting your whole life to unleash the music, and this is the chance to do it.

So how many mummies and daddies out there in Ottawa have that hidden talent?

How many of you play an instrument or sing?

Answer in the comment field below and you'll be entered to win a coveted spot in a band at the Open House on September 18th. (For full details click here)