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James Blunt

New Music From the UK Star

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my music from the UK - I place full blame on the Gallagher brothers. I was instantly hooked the on the British music scene from the very first listen of 'Wonderwall' by Oasis during my first on air shift at CKDJ at Algonquin College many, many years ago.

But I digress - bottom line if you hail from across the pond I have a soft spot for your music.

And all this to talk about one James Blunt.

Two albums, two world tours and 18 million records sold later, James Blunt has taken a journey that few ever experience. Now he's back in the spotlight with a fabulous new album 'Some Kind of Trouble' (click here to see James perform tracks from the album)

How does James describe his new musical offering? “It captures a bit of the mood of the early ‘80s. There was a global atmosphere in the West that we could do anything – the same optimism we felt as teenagers. ‘Some Kind of Trouble’ really captures that same sense of freedom and excitement and naivety.”

James now sees his first two albums as a pair of book ends –action and reaction. 'Some Kind Of Trouble' starts a new chapter, “The second album was quite introverted. It was about perception. But these new songs are not about fame and celebrity – they’re about reality,” Blunt says. “I’ve been hanging out with my friends, writing songs about the world we live in, and where we want to go.”

The first single off of the new album is fabulous, brilliant and of those songs that will get stuck in your head all day long...and brings you to a happy place. The only side effect from the will make you long for those fun filled dreamy summer days and nights...winter can't come and go soon enough.

'Stay The Night'


'Some Kind Of Trouble' - the new album by James Blunt is available today on iTunes.

Twitter: @dirtylilblunt