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Country Singer Dallas Smith

A Successful Transition

To Dallas Smith, country music has always been about the special combination of a voice and a song. After spending nearly 10 years fronting the Canadian rock band, Default, Smith is stepping out on his own, into the world of all things Country.

While in Nashville, Dallas worked with acclaimed songwriter/producer Zac Maloy (Carrie Underwood, James Blunt), Grammy nominated songwriter Rodney Clawson, and Chris Tompkins (Carrie Underwood).

The move to Country has been a seamless transition for Dallas...the way he describes it, “I’ve always chosen and written songs with challenging vocals that I love to sing.”

My first reaction when I heard that Dallas had gone all country was 'what? country? Dallas? really? why?' but now that I've heard the first single, I must say that his voice lends itself perfectly to the country style. Had you never known that he did the rock thing prior to this release, you'd think he's been a Country boy at heart the whole time.

Here is the first single, 'Somebody Somewhere'  (now available on iTunesCanada)...

Somebody Somewhere - Dallas Smith by unimusicC