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Casey Shea Spotlight

Quirky, Heart Wrenching and Musically Gratifying

Today on the Bsides, it's all about about Casey Shea.

And today marks the official release of Casey's third album, In Your Head, on Family Records. 

Casey was born in New Orleans, and now calls New York home. He was the former front man for the band Undisputed Heavyweights.

Casey seamlessly fuses together influences of The Beatles, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Beck and Tom Petty into one amazing original sound...think folk Brit pop meets Pete Yorn.

His melody driven songs are quirky, heart wrenching, musically gratifying and 100% entertaining.  And if you're a fan of the TV show One Tree Hill (James Lafferty...le sigh) you've definitely heard his songs.

Check out his first single from the new's called "Jennifer"

Casey Shea - Jennifer

Now if you'd like the chance to score a free copy of Casey Shea's new album...but old skool....we're talking vinyl....just answer this following question in the comment field below...

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