Consuelo Bernardi: The B Sides


Bell Biv Devoe

A Musical Flashback

So yesterday this tweet came across my Twitter feed:

@jimmyfallon: Bell Biv Devoe reuniting on the show tomorrow night!!!

Umm hello cue the squeals of delight. 

Bell Biv Devoe. So loved them back in the day.

I mean they just don't make R&B like they used to.

So I am just a little giddy about this reunion. Just a little.

To get in the proper 'BBD' state of mind for tonight's reunion on Jimmy's stage...some videos, old skool Bell Biv Devoe. 

Now Jimmy if you could do a whole month 90s R&B revival on your show that would be beyond fab...some suggestions: New Edition, Mint Condition, Guy, Heavy D & the Boyz, Jodeci, Silk, Hi Five, After 7, Boyz II Men....

And Jimmy Fallon I so loveth you too, lots.

Just sayin'.