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Band Spotlight: Electric Touch

Bonding Over Ketchup Chips

I love Twitter for a lot of reasons but mainly it's because I get to find new music by connecting with bands, singer/songwriters and DJs in 140 characters or less. (Twitter is also a huge enabler to my iTunes downloading addiction...le sigh.)


And cue my Twitter encounter with a rock band from Austin, Texas by the name of Electric Touch.

Last week we bonded over a tweet about Pringles Ketchup Chips. Yes ketchup chips. True story. I am like the unofficial Twitter ketchup chip pusher. For real. Just ask @Turntablez - I converted him this year. And now he's 100% addicted. And cue my evil laugh...muahahahaha.

But I digress back to the boys in Electric Touch.

The band is made up from members that hail from both sides of the Atlantic and as a result their five-piece band delivers that all-American rock sound with a Brit infused vibe. The band refers to their music as "tales of ordinary life in glorious technicolor".

All I know is that the band has got that swagger to them and lots of character and their first single from their 'Don't Stop" EP is le damn catchy.

You can catch Electric Touch as they tour with Hot Chelle Rae in Canada...

Feb 17 - Venue: Vancouver

April 16 - Opera House: Toronto