My Very Dark Musical Confession

I Heart Nickelback

My Very Dark Musical Confession

"Few bands inspire such intense hatred as Nickelback." (2007, USA Today)

Yes it’s a Nickelback post.

Obviously hell has frozen over or something like that.

But the reason for this blog is because of a deep dark secret that I have carried around with me and if I don’t spill it…my dear “I have never owned a tube of lip gloss ever in my life - musical soul sister -Tech Mummy @ksswansong” will.

So here is goes.

My name is Consuelo Bernardi and I am a closet Nickelback fan. I have Nickelback songs on my iPod. And most recently I have purchased and downloaded music from their new album ‘Here and Now.'

There my musical purge is now done.  Be gentle with your mocking and disdain.

So when you wonder how a band that is clearly loathed and hated so freakin’ much (cue their recent halftime football appearances and the NFL petition), can sell a kazillion albums and be named the band of the decade by Billboard…well it’s likely because of closet fans like me.

Look, Chad Kroeger still makes me extremely stabby and I have never attended a Nickelback concert but the boys make a damn good love song. They do. And a few of their tracks have even proven to be great workout tracks. Seriously.

And the boys even gained points with me with a spoof video they did—clearly they don’t take themselves seriously. They know they’ve earned the title of ‘most hated band on the planet’ and they’ve rolled with it. Well so would you if you sold that many records…and cue the ‘ka-ching’ of the cash register.

So as part of my Nickelback 12-Step Program here is my Nickelback playlist. The songs appear on my iPod…all of them.

So I present to you the official YMC Bsides Nickelback playlist entitled, “Yes A Nickelback Playlist…Zip It”

Yes A Nickelback Playlist...Zip It by Consuelo Bernardi on Grooveshark


Meaghan Smith's New Christmas Album

It Snowed

Meaghan Smith's New Christmas Album

Hot off her big Juno win, Meaghan Smith is travelling across the country promoting her latest Holiday release called 'It Snowed'.

I love her voice (and she reminds of Zooey Deschanel, so cue my girl crush). And she totally sounds like the female equivalent of Michael Bublé. 
With that said, I think the two of them need to meet up and record a duet together. It would make for musical perfection.  So my mission for 2012 is to get these two to do just that...not sure how but the magic is going to happen. But I digress.
Back to Meaghan.
We have three fantastic Meaghan Smith prize packs to give away on Twitter just in time for Christmas.
Up for grabs? An autographed lithograph and a copy of Meaghan's new CD 'It Snowed'.
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Good luck!
Contest closes tomorrow, December 13th at 5PM. Winner will be randomly chosen from all the Twitter entries.

Andrew Johnston

Canadian Indie Pop

Andrew Johnston

In the vein of Sloan's "Between the Bridges," very indie pop, very cool vibe…drum roll…this is Andrew Johnston.

Canada has always been a great importer of indie pop. From Sloan to The New Pornographers, you never know what the Great North will produce. Epic musical acts that take the world by storm and find a special place in your heart. So with that said, it's time to meet your new favorite musical obsession, Andrew Johnston. 

Taking a page out of the book of great indie bands and stellar Canadian acts, Johnston will have your attention faster than you can say "awesome." 

Based in Montreal, Andrew Johnston is no stranger to music...he has played under the moniker Andrew Vs. the Enabler since 2006 and the critically acclaimed group, The Gentleman's Club.  

But now Andrew Johnston has decided to branch out on his own. Blending heartfelt indie rock, with a bit of folk and traditional music, he is ready to take the music world by storm. Fresh off of his most recent release, The Wake of the Wonder Years, influences of such high profile indies such as The Constantines and Matthew Sweet embraces a little bit of Hall and Oates. It's proving to be a combination that can't be beat.

The first single, "Something You Already Know" is an infectious track that will leave you wanting more. With carefully strummed guitars starting off the track, as a strong piano makes an entrance, the song picks up with perfect harmonies. 

Stream: "Something You Already Know"

In Montreal? Catch Andrew Johnston live...

December 18th at L'Inspecteur Épingle

January 4th at L'Alize