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Musical Finds: Indie, Throwbacks and Something New...

Get out your iPods!

Since I am sooooo officially over *&^%$#@! winter already I have vowed to hibernate until Spring actually arrives (and by that I mean the snow completely disappears).

With that said my self-imposed hibernation has left with me with much time on my hands to surf the net and find new music for my iPod. And since I'm in a sharing mood I'm giving you some of my latest musical finds.

First up, from Ottawa an ahhhmazing indie band called 'Sound Of Lions.' I am currently obsessed with their tracks Storm Chasers and Cobra — so damn good.

While spending an obscene amount of time on SoundCloud I came across this remixed throwback — great workout track (I say that like I workout regularly…I don't but IF I did workout, this totally would be on my playlist)

Justin Timberlake kills it on this track — pure pop song perfection (and bonus it has that boy band love song feel to it, hello!)

Next up, John Legend. His voice is like buttah. And latest is he wants to record a duet with Adele. That would be HEAVEN x 1000.

And finally if you need a track that will pick you up from a totally shitacular day — this song will do it. Great track by the band American Authors.