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Latest Facebook Music Challenge: Favourite Album Edition

What Are Your Favourite Albums?

So, I stole this idea from my friend Nancy Hunt's Facebook statusit was a great music-based exercise I had to share.

This was the original post:

Well, obviously I was going to follow suit and list my top 12and trust me, it was hard to limit the list to only 12 . . . but them be the rules.

So, here are the albums that made the cut. Drum roll please . . .

12. John Mayer, Room For Squares

11. Our Lady Peace, Naveed

10. Guns N' Roses, Appetite For Destruction

9. David Gray, White Ladder

8. Michael Jackson, Thriller

7. Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation 1814

6. Madonna, True Blue

5. Pearl Jam, Ten

4. Radiohead, OK Computer 

3. Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

2. U2, The Joshua Tree

1. The Verve, Urban Hymns 

So, the questions remainswhat albums would make it into your top 12?

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