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Sounds Under Radio: A Career 'Pause' For the Band

They aren't saying farewell to music, they are merely taking a pause

When the newsletter hit my inbox I must admit that it made me sad to hear that the band Sounds Under Radio would be taking a hiatus.


I love this band and have interviewed them before here on the Bsides. Their track 'Sing' is one of my 'if I was stranded on an island and could only listen to these 20 songs over and over again and never get sick of' all time favourite musical gems.

They are one of those bands that are on my concert bucket list. One of those bands that I wished would have made it 'big' — like really big. But success is subjective and comes in waves — especially in the ever-changing music business.

So I'll just have to take lead singer Lang's words to heart and hope that this pause is just that — a temporary fork in the road for his band. Cause damn it they made really good music and I am going to see them perform live — eventually.