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Sarah Simmons on The Voice

She's Going To Win Season 4

So back on American Idol last year I had a hunch about Phillip Phillips during the audition round that he was going to walk away as the winner (and he did)...

Well now that the battle rounds on The Voice: Season 4 are over I am going with my hunch again and am predicting that one Sarah Simmons is going to be crowned the winner.

Her blind audition three weeks ago gave me goosebumps. I loved her rendition of 'One of Us' so much I went and bought it on iTunes and have been listening to it non-stop. Truth be told I was so done with the offence Joan Osborne...but when I heard Sarah's arrangement and that raspy (ala Pink, Jewel and Stevie Nicks) voice thing she does when she isn't hitting this incredibly complex, quirky and beautiful high notes I fell in love with song all over again.

This girl can sing. And anyone who goes up against her — well they clearly know they have one hell of an uphill battle.

Plus she's on Team Adam Levine. So CLEARLY that's an added bonus.