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Novi: Girl From The Electro Pop Galaxy

She's on the fast-track to stardom

“Novi serves up her music with a sense of humor and a heaping side of attitude and that’s just how I like it.” —STEREO SUBVERSION

“Novi has been able to harness that sweet spot between electro-pop, folk rock and soul” —KICK KICK SNARE

NOVI , born Carolyne Neuman, is a new artist on the fast-track to stardom. Her distinct sound is smooth and full of catchy hooks that anyone would envy, and playful, tantalizing lyrics will occupy space in your mind all day long.

Her debut EP, Now I’m Here, was released to the world in Fall 2011, following the track and video premiere for her first single, “Blackbirds.” The hit song, made waves after premiering on Arjan Writes, and it caught the interest of music fans everywhere.

With her follow up EP Now I’m There, set for release this year, the best is certainly yet to come…

The first single from her upcoming EP, is a mildly Motown influenced pop electro fusion song. “The Ad” is about one girl’s obsession with a boy who she has never met and seen only in magazines or "ads.”