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The Scarf-Print Trend

Inspired by Maya Brenner

Considering my love of scarves, it will come at no surprise that I’m currently obsessed with the burgeoning trend of scarf prints. On a trip to San Francisco in July, I bought a scarf-print Kimono-style top at Anthropologie that I immediately loved but wasn’t totally sure how to wear.

It wasn’t until my dear (Facebook) friend and world-famous jewelry designer, Maya Brenner, appeared in a profile in The Glitter Guide November newsletter that I realized its true potential!

Maya Brenner Doorway

Everything about Maya is enviable—her hair, her house, her creativity, her business savvy, her Chanel bag—and that feature (and it’s subsequent outtakes) have cemented her as my number one girl crush of the moment.

Maya Having Coffee

Suddenly, I can’t wear my scarf-print kimono enough!

The trend is so California-cool with a beachy, relaxed vibe. While it may be freezing outside, the stores will be getting their first Spring 2012 shipments any day now and the look is perfect for a vacation because it’s appropriate anywhere from the crystal waters of the Caribbean to the crowds at Disney.

It’s so easy to wear but instantly makes you look a little dressier and I am always in favour of looking a little dressier!

Finding this style shouldn’t be hard. Currently, US web-based retailer has a front-page feature devoted to the trend (pictured above).  While Anthropolgie is sold out of my wrap-style top, they currently have something similar online.

Anthropologie Kimono

Your best bet to find this look in Canada would be to check out your local better jeans boutique. I’m a big fan of my local Lemonberry in Aurora, Ontario but most towns across the country should have a similar store, from Kelowna’s Fresh Fashions to Halifax’s Sweet Pea Boutique.

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