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Suede Wedge Boots for Fall

A Good Pair is Hard to Find

I seem to do this to myself on a near-regular basis! I see a celebrity wearing a pair of shoes in a paparazzi photo and I obsess over them. Last year, it was Sandra Bullock’s Fiorentini + Baker boots which, as an addendum, I ended up buying when Gravity Pope had a Black Friday sale last November.

For this fall, I’m all over Jennifer Aniston and a pair of chocolate suede covered platform wedges.


As you can expect, I’ve done my research: they are Jil Sander and are available for the low price of $745 on net-a-porter. Honestly? How do I have a knack for finding footwear so ridiculously out of my price range?


Since the first round of fall shipments have already hit the stores, I did a quick tour around Yorkdale on Tuesday to find something similar but have come up short. The fact that they were in last fall’s line by a premium designer *and* they were seen on Jennifer Aniston, I can almost guarantee that I’ll see a lower priced version this season. It’ll just take some time.

I’m looking for any shade of brown - chocolate to tan to stone - doesn’t really matter. I love the way they look with denim and even like how they contrast her black leather jacket. I’m not likely to wear a motorcycle style anytime soon because I find small leather jackets restricting, but I could definitely see myself pairing them with a black blazer and one of my beloved scarves**.

Perhaps even a reader might find a pair and alert me? I would be forever grateful! I’ve seen a few pairs online but nothing at Canadian retailers like Ron White or Town Shoes yet.

So, boot-loving ladies everywhere keep your eyes peeled! And tweet me the moment you spot them.

**When I was applying for the role of Fashion Mummy, Erica and Sharon asked me to do a fashion related video with about 12 hours notice. Here is the 3 minutes and 25 second live and embarrassing video from my bedroom all about my scarves.