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Sh*t Fashion Girls Say

Jessica Simpson DOES Make a great shoe

Joining the seven hundred other variants of the Sh*t Girls Say video meme, a fashion-girl version was brought to my attention on Twitter this week (with props to the lovely fellow style blogger @ahautemess).

This second installment of what is currently a two-part series had me in hysterics (and I think it's far funnier than the first):

There's been some smart commentary about the original meme and its subsequent spin-offs, mostly centered on the fact that this is straight, white men making fun of historically oppressed minorities: women, a variety of different races, homosexuals and so on.

Interstingly for me is what makes Fashion Girls funny in comparison to the rest is that it's me who it the butt of the joke  The fact that the lines are delivered by a bearded fat guy in a wig just underscores how ridiculous I am.

I've always been a fan of turning the joke in on myself. I'm completely horrified by all the stupid stuff I do and usually nothing makes me laugh harder. Jerry Seinfeld-esque observations mixed with Larry David-esque cringes never fail to get me chuckling.

Embarrassingly, I counted just how many of the obnoxious phrases lampooned in the video I myself have uttered and came up with 17.  I must tell you, I feel the most amazing mix of pride and shame. And, seriously, that Jessica Simpson does make a pretty good shoe!