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Personal Style: Edgy

Key Pieces For Edgy Girls

It was one of those days. A day that black dominated my ensemble. It was sunny and warm here in Toronto and I was running around in my car most of the day. But I had a little black rain cloud over me and it was being expressed through fashion.

Black leggings are just about the best things ever invented. Mine were equestrian inspired. I love how leggings can look demure and sweet with ballet flats or low heels, like these from J Crew:

Or angry, like they looked with my Fiorentini + Baker boots.

Even better, 102.1 the edge - which I hardly listen to anymore - was playing tribute songs to Steve Jobs and I happened to catch Bad Religion’s 21st Century Digital Boy. I was a huge Bad Religion fan in my youth. I love smart rebels! My whole day was coming together!

If I had any skill with a pencil, I would have kohl-lined my eyes a la Julie Katona in 1992 Sigh. She was one of those uber cool girls from high school - the kind that you want to be like but are scared shitless of at the same time. Not shockingly, that gorgeous Julie Katona has gone on to be a talented makeup artist. And I still can’t put makeup to save my life.

I topped off the leggings with a standard grey tunic, which worked but was hot! I should have worn a sheer printed blouse. Prints are hard to wear when you’re feeling Edgy, because they can seem a little too "twee" so try either a dark background with a knockout or keep it to two colours only.

Polka dots are all the rage but stars are rage-y! The third floor at The Bay on Queen has some fantastic star prints that would work perfectly here. Plus, the amazing Suzanne Timmins, vice president of fashion direction for The Bay, is like the ultimate edgy style icon.

Her vision has really transformed that store’s whole style direction and I am really loving everything coming out of The Bay right now.

Last but not least, Edgy is about minimal but key accessories. A back-tipped fedora, a pair of dark shade and some hits of leather or spikes in your jewelry and you’re ready to start kickin’.

Now, aim me at the bees, please!