Colleen Carlisle: I Spy Style


Introducing Colleen Carlisle

Helping You Find Your Style Mojo

For as long as I can remember, Iʼve been interested in fashion. Barbies, paper dolls and sketches of the perfect princess dress with puffed sleeves littered my childhood bedroom.

What seems like a lifetime ago, I even had a career in the apparel industry. It was incredibly fun and fast-paced with lots of long hours and, oh, man, did it ever pay terribly! The decision to leave it all behind and start my family was an incredibly easy one.

About 3 or 4 years into my retirement - or, Freedom 28 as I had been calling it - I caught myself discussing the latest developments in luon (also known as the proprietary lululemon fabric) when I realized I was ready to get back to wearing pants with a zipper and putting a little more effort in to what I was putting on.

I became Fashion & Beauty Editor for and, suddenly, I was back in it again! I was talking about denier and tensile strength, cut and sew, appliques and embroideries and it was HEAVEN.

I started taking on some personal shopping and styling clients with my company I absolutely get a high when something that looks pretty meh on the hanger walks out of that change room looking magnifique. This is something Iʼm incredibly passionate about!

This isnʼt about spending frivolously or endless consumption. I have met many women who are hesitant about spending on themselves only to watch them turn around and drop ninety bucks on a frilly pink baby tutu or on Pampered Chef stonewear because it is for the family.

This is about spending a couple of minutes in the morning on YOU. And itʼs hard! Iʼm not some gorgeous super model, I have wrinkles and extra chins and belly rolls. I still show up once a month or more at preschool pickup looking like I could use an hour more of sleep.

But Iʼm trying to get my Style Mojo back. And I know you are, too! I love clothes, I love the fashion industry and I adore seeing a woman glow from within when she finds that certain something that makes her feel beautiful.

What I love most about being the YMC Fashion Mummy is that this isnʼt about telling everyone what I think they should wear, itʼs having the opportunity to uncover the world of fashion and style and finding your inner glow together.