Colleen Carlisle: I Spy Style


Banish The Ball Cap

Stylish Headwear For Everyone

Hats are cute: they look cool and keep you cool. A hat is sun smart: summer’s UV rays have already climbed to 8 and higher this year.  And, most importantly, a hat covers all manners of evils where hair is concerned.

But perhaps it’s time we say goodbye to the calling card of unwashed hair everywhere: The Baseball Cap.

A cute baseball cap was considered trendy when we were in high school and the big brim does go a long way to protecting our faces so we don’t leather-up like an old catcher’s mitt.

Unfortunately, clinging to an outdated and juvenile style ends up making us look - *gasp* - older. While I’m not suggesting any of us run out and dress like a 20 year old, a good place to refresh your wardrobe and make you look current is with accessories.

Unless you are actively participating in a sport, you should leave the baseball cap at home and top it off with one or two of the following styles. Good hats are available anywhere, from Winners to local boutiques to farmer’s markets to kiosks at the mall. Don’t spend more than about $25 on one and by choosing something in a neutral colour without a busy pattern or contrasting details, you’ll likely get the most wear out of it.

Fedora Style

This is the hat of choice with celebrities everywhere, and its structured style shows no sign of slowing down. I love a fedora because it has a short brim that goes all the way around, protecting not just my face but my ears as well. Straw or linen styles are great in summer.

Military Style

Join the revolution and pop on a Che-style military cap. This is my favourite for the beach or pool because the cotton canvas or rip stop can get beaten up and wet and it actually looks better!  The perfect pair of aviator sunglasses looks amazing with this style of cap and it looks best in cream, tan, army green, black or grey.

Newsboy-meets-Engineer Style

This style of hat is actually a bit of a hybrid and combines the great look of the newsboy with a bit of height and brim of an engineer cap. I love these hats with feminine details like buttons or other appliques. Washed out shades of taupe or peach or goldenrod would look best. This hat can be found in the piperandpaisley Etsy store.

Floppy Sun Hat Style

Wide-brimmed and usually straw or similar woven material, it looks great with really feminine looks like caftans and tunics. If you are a little bohemian or beachy in your style, this is the perfect hat for you. If you’re dying to try colour, bright shades or a nice pattern works well on the underside of the brim.


Sometimes, just covering the root line of your hair makes all the difference! It doesn’t do much to shield you from the sun's rays, mind you, but it quickly pulls a look together. Not unlike the floppy sun hat, this has a boho-vibe but depending on the scarf you choose and how you tie it, it can also look edgy or even a little sporty.