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A Betty and Veronica Tumblr

Retro fashion, Riverdale-style!

Fashion is not a new obsession for me. I don't actually consider myself a "fashion-expert" but more of a "clothing-junkie."

I don't know what started it but between Cinderella's dress she carefully sewed from basically garbage or Lady Diana Spencer's early plaids or my Elvis and Priscilla paper dolls, I was hooked on clothes early.

One of my all-time faves was always Archie comics, and of course, much better if it was specifically a Betty and Veronica edition. I couldn't get enough of the gang. Sure, the clothes were mostly outdated and radically styled but I LOVED THEM. I couldn't wait for the day I, too, could wear loud patterned tights, boatneck dresses and high heels.

Today's HuffPost Style Canada featured a fairly new Tumblr devoted entirely to Betty and Veronica fashions that's as exciting as a brand new Double Digest! Jumpin' Jellyfish!

Check out some of my faves:

B and V Fashions


B and V Fashions

B and V Fashions

B and V Fashions

In case you were wondering, I'm Team Veronica. All the way.