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Which Kid Is Your Favourite? Use This App To Find Out

Modern Family's Favourite Child Detector App—Find Out Who YOUR Parent's Favourite Kid Is!

"Mama, am I your favourite baby?" Cash asked me as we cuddled together on the couch.

"You're my favourite Cashy!" I said and squeezed him tighter. What I really wanted to say was, "You're my favourite today because your brother rubbed toothpaste in the carpet and launched himself off of the staircase before I'd even had my morning coffee." But I couldn't say that, obviously!

If you were to look at my instagram feed, you might think I have a favourite kid. My twitter probably says something entirely different. One kid is more camera-shy, one says funnier things. I wish I could give them equal billing across all of my social media sites, but really, is that even possible? 

I guess it is, because the folks over at FCB created The Favourite Child Detector App to determine which kid is preferred. The app, which is being used to promote Modern Family's newest season release in New Zealand, uses Facebook posts, comments, picture tags, and a whole bunch of other data to determine which child is a parent's favourite. Just by signing into Facebook and allowing the app to do its business, you're able to determine quite quickly which child your parent prefers. 

It just warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it? 

I used the app to see which of her five kids my Mom likes the best. Not at all surprisingly, it's my little sister. That's going to come in handy next Christmas! 

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