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How Tech Can Help You Be Positive, Grow, Learn: A Series

Getting Better All The Time — Pt.1

Every day since the first time I sat in front of computer, placed my hand on the mouse, and figured out how to make it work I have been learning.

Sometimes I learn useless facts, sometimes I'm learning how to code, but since I was a little human I have always turned to my computer as the main resource for my personal education, and even growth! 

People rag on the internet a lot. As its become more woven into the fabric of everyday life we have begun to rely on it, which, yes, is scary. But... we also spend (and often waste) our time on it. But its also proven as a huge resource for sharing, communicating and learning. Look at Yummy Mummy Club, for instance! Could you imagine, 20 years ago, that if you were feeling isolated, confused or un-informed that you would just be able to hop on your smartphone or computer and connect with women who've been through, are going through and can help with your situation? Probably not.

For all of the trolls, dangers and hackers the internet contains there are one-hundred times as informative blogs, transcendent videos and examples of people helping each other all around the globe. With the good comes the bad in any situation, but sometimes we need a reminder. So, every week I will share with you, my friends on the internet, something that is out there that can make you smile, grow, learn or happy-cry. Something that, without technology and the internet, wouldn't be possible. 

This week I came across I Had — a beta community site built for people who are currently fighting, or have survived after being diagnosed and treated for cancer. 

I haven't personally been diagnosed with cancer, but I know enough people who have to know that it is a life-altering experience. This website, which is currently still in beta (that means they're still developing and testing) allows people who have recently been diagnosed with a certain type of cancer to connect with others who may also be fighting, or have since gone into remission or maybe even cured!

Unlike sharing your diagnosis in person, or on Facebook, this site is for those who know exactly what being diagnosed and fighting cancer feels like and can offer sensitive, experienced advice and support.

Have you joined I Had Cancer? Do you know of any other sites that create support for people dealing with medical issues, personal issues or otherwise? Do you think this site would be useful to you or someone you know? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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