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This Year's Hottest Teen Slang Revealed

You too can be cool AF... or at least avoid having no chill

by: Cat Coode
Do you need a little help deciphering your kids' lingo this year? You too can be cool AF... or at least avoid having no chill. | Tech |, a popular social network site, scoured their pages and compiled a list of the 20 hottest slang terms and acronyms that teens are using. Though terms tend to vary from network to network, this is a good overview across the board. This list should keep you from saying or doing something embarrassing - like inviting your kids to come watch Netflix and Chill. 

1.  TBR - To Be Rude. Said before someone reveals a harsh truth: "TBR I think you suck." Seems redundant on rudeness.

2.  Peep - Short for people, like "My peep" or a quick look. Not a chick-shaped candy. 

3.  SMH - Shake My Head. Unbelievably dumb or wrong. The official reaction to all things Donald Trump.

4.  THOT - That Ho Over There. Self explanatory. And it's still as derogatory as it sounds.

5.  PAP - Post A Picture. Gotta see it to believe it.

6.  Bad -  Hot. To recap: bad used to mean cool, then it meant bad, now it means hot. Riiiight.

7.  Ship - Short for relationship. When your kid in a 'ship' with another kid, it's not the boat variety.

8.  :3 - Based on an anime cat face, it is supposed to look like the reaction to something clever or cute. Yah, I don't really see it either.

9.  IDEK - I Don’t Even Know. No clue. Like "What just happened in here?" "OMG, IDEK"

10. IKR - I Know, Right? Exactly what I was thinking.

11.  OOTD - Outfit Of The Day. Instagramers use this one a lot to share their own outfits or the OOTD that they found on someone else.

12.  Dime - It's the 10 on a scale of 1-10. When something is awesome.

13.  No chill - Not cool, embarrassing or irrational. Often used on parents in posts like "My mom has no chill."

14.  Likers get rate - If you like the post or photo, the OP (original poster) will rank you amongst the others who like on some given scale (hotness etc).

15.  Frog emoji + coffee cup emoji - Also known as "The Kermit Drinking Tea meme" is for when you call someone out on something then finish with "But that's none of my business."

16.  Netflix and chill - There is no watching TV in this scenario. It is for hook-ups.

17.  Savage - Something totally awesome. "That move you pulled was savage!"

18.  AF - As Fuck. The best it can be. This is a Buzzfeed favourite. "Chris Pratt is hot AF in this pic." "10 times Adele was cool AF."

19.  Slept - When you miss out on something because you slept through it, were extremely high or got hit in the head.

20.  GOAT - Greatest Of All Time. Because when a goat in an OOTD is Dime AF, that's the GOAT.

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