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What the Heck is the New "Peach" App, Anyway?

The new social network that everyone is suddenly talking about

by: Cat Coode
What is the New Peach App |

Every week a new social network is announced but rarely do they even make a wave in today's digital landscape. Not so with Peach. Peach showed up on the Apple App Store and then gained massive popularity through mentions on Twitter. The new networks touts itself as "a refreshingly fun and simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself."

To best explain it, Peach is Facebook-like in that it has a 'friend' relationship to other users. The feed looks like Twitter. The content is more like a Snapchat Story. You can post images, videos, text or GIFs (moving images, pronounced 'Jiffs'). Basically a mash-up of cool features from other networks. What makes it different is that you can also draw your own images or use Peach to find GIFs to post. It also has a set of 'shortcut' words that fire off other features. For instance, type 'Weather' and the weather appears in your post, type 'Shout' and the text increases in size, or type 'Move' and it will activate your devices pedometer. And you can do a set of actions to your friends like 'make a wave' or 'put a ring on it'. Bottom line; it is confusing as hell, which makes it fun.

No real news yet on the privacy features so be wary of what you are posting and as always, do not post private information.

Wired put together a great video where you can see the app in action.

Only time will tell if this one is a keeper but for now? It's a good distraction.

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