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Most of Us Have Had a #MomentofChange, What's Yours?

Share your moments of change and help others have theirs

Most of Us Have Had a #MomentofChange, What's Yours?

There's a moment in all of our lives that causes us to change our path and head in a new direction. For most of us, unplanned or not, it has already happened. Moments like a marriage or the birth of a child. Even though these events may have been planned, these catalysts still move us onto a new path that shapes our lives in a positive way.

My own unplanned moment happened on a volleyball court in 2009, and while the experience may not have started out in a positive way, I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

I suffered a series of Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA’s) that were caused from blood clots blocking the flow of blood to my brain. In that period of uncertainty, I decided to reprioritize my life. I decided that I would make the time to actually "live" instead of spending all of my energy focused on my career. In that instant, I had my own moment of change. As a result, I bought a farm, I started a community vegetable garden, and became a father figure to someone who really needed one.

Not only did I decide to refocus on the things that mattered, I also decided to partner with companies and organizations that feel the same way. Save the Children is one such group. With programs in over 120 countries around the world, Save the Children is the largest independent organization creating moments of change for the world’s youth.

Share Your #MomentofChange

Save the Children is starting a new media campaign called ‘Moment of Change.’ A Moment of Change is that instant when your journey takes you somewhere you never expected to go. We are asking Canadians to share their own moments using the social media hashtag #MomentofChange. Share with others on social media that one moment when your path was altered from something you did or a positive action from someone else. Even if you haven’t had a moment of your own, go to to see other posts from Canadians and people around the world. At that point, you can also make a small donation to help Save the Children continue to make a #MomentofChange for others in need.

This holiday season, share a special moment from your life and join me in helping Save the Children create moments of change for others.