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Why You Should Build a Vegetable Garden NOW!

Fall is the perfect time to install a raised bed and get a jump on spring!

Fall is the perfect time to install your raised vegetable planter

The most requested outdoor feature for the 2015 backyard was…(insert drumroll here) the raised vegetable planter. Are you surprised? With so many Canadians growing their own vegetables at home now, the raised planter has become the must-have item.

Believe it or not…fall is the perfect time to install one and here are all the reasons why you should go for it!

Weed Control 

A large portion of weeds that live in our yards travel under the soil via rhizomes (rootlets). With a raised bed, you can place a liner at the bottom of garden cloth to completely prevent new ones invading your soil. Even the weeds that spread via seeds, like dandelions, have a harder time getting over the walls of your garden providing less competition for your veggies.

Pest Control

Vermin like gophers and ground hogs are limited in their ability to get into the beds because they don’t jump. A planter that is 20” tall is even effective in stopping some rabbits, as they are reluctant to leave the safety of the ground. If you have a real pest problem, consider putting your planters on legs!

Better Soil 

While the soil in your yard might be great for trees and perennials, vegetables like to get special treatment. Filling your beds with a high-grade triple mix (topsoil, peat, and compost or manure) ensures that your tomatoes are getting the best. Another benefit to adding your own soil is that you can better control compaction, making it easier for the roots of the plants to access more nutrients and water and producing better returns for you!


Gardening where you can reach it without having to bend over! It’s a dream for anyone who has strained their back digging on their knees in a vegetable bed. Higher is definitely easier, but also consider that you can control the pathways in between the beds making them level and more stable for walking


No one can deny that a raised bed just looks good. They are neat and tidy with all of the soil contained in one space. Having multiple beds is perfect for those like me, who want organization even outdoors.

So why should you build one now? Everything is cheaper in the fall of course! Materials, soil, and mulch are all on sale right now! Also consider that over the winter, the soil in your bed will settle. This happens naturally with water and compaction. Its much better for your little plants to have the settling occur before you actually plant them.

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