Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


Why Blogging Makes Me A Better Mother

Because Moms are more than just Moms

Blogging makes me a better mother opened up a whole new world of friends which make me less isolated. My new friends have advised and supported me through the baby blues, sleep depravation, breast feeding, field trips and school breaks.  They have been my social network and my safety net.

Blogging makes me a better mother is mine.  Something I do as an independent, grown-up, individual.  It has nothing to do with the kids, husband, PTA or dog (if we had a dog). It is all mine. And in a mother's world where we do so much for others it is a treasure to have something all to my onesome.

Blogging makes me a better mother has taught me to stop. pause. think. before I push send.

Blogging makes me a better mother has challenged me to try new things.

Blogging makes me a better mother teaches me to learn.  Today I learnt that an & sign, a # sign and 10003; all put together make a html checkmark entity on my blog. It may be insignificant to a non-blogger but to me it is conquering the unknown.  And everyone should feel like they can conquer something once in a while.  It's empowering.

Blogging makes me a better mother makes me happy.  It is like my electronic child that I nourish.  My blog is growing everyday.  And I am so proud of it.

Blogging makes me a better mother because...I can take my inspiration, my social network, my career, my independence, my accomplishment, my thinking, my empathy, my learning, my communication skills and my pride and put them all into my family.  Because I have something for me...I can give more to you.  (Does that make sense?) 

Blogging encourages me, it provokes me, it heals me.

I am a better mother because I blog.