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We Day Through the Eyes of a Child

Inspired By The Power of Today's Youth

We Day exists because some people think the power of youth can change the world.  Power of today's youth.  It's a movement.  A motivation. A momentous moment in history. 18,000 students and educators joined together at Toronto's Air Canada Centre for this youth empowerment event and I brought my 10 year old daughter to join in and discover that one child can make a difference.

We Day is the brain child of Craig and Mark Kielburger (aside: I interviewed Craig here a few months ago - a very dynamic and endearing guy).  I could tell you how Joe Jonas and Nina Dobrev pumped the crowd or how Dr. Patch Adams and Danny Glover inspired the masses.  I could tell you how Rick Hansen and Spencer West inspired and how Nelly Furtado, Nikki Yanofsky and the Kenyan Boys Choir entertained. 

I could tell you how I chatted with Erica (Ehm) and how we were both fairly inspired ourselves.

But I won't.

Because I asked my 10 year old, as part of her attendance (and get out of school card) to write a paragraph on her take-away from We Day.  We Day is about youth empowerment and making change. These are her words...

I find that it's amazing that Rick Hansen could make a difference even though he was injured since he was 15.  And the same thing with Spencer West with no legs. 

Mary Robinson encourages girls to have power because in some countries men rule and girls are not as powerful as men. 

I couldn't believe that Nelly Furtado is giving $1 million to the Free The Children Foundation and is opening an all girls school in Africa (inspired by Susan an African girl).  Nelly also gave a speech about the school and she can't wait to go back.  Nelly is now an ambassador for Free the Children. 

"Together nothing is impossible" - Craig Kielburger said that and this is why I'm inspired to make a CHANGE.

We Day Vancouver - Oct. 13

We Day Waterloo region - Nov. 16

We Day Winnipeg - Nov 23

We Day Montreal - Feb. 29, 2012 and Mar. 1 2012

Catch the We Day special airing on MuchMusic Sun Oct. 30 at 7pm and 10pm