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Travel With Sick Kids

Three Essential to Always Pack

What do you do when your baby spikes a fever of 102 degrees and you're at a cottage that has a good 45-minute highway drive to any medical help?  I just went through this last week and learned three things to always take on a family vacation.

Always take infant/child pain/fever reliever.  Ever since my middle daughter broke her arm in France (and the hospital offered a pain reliever in the form of a suppository) I pack our trusted brand of (oral) kids' medicine. 

When we were in Spain, and my eldest received a 2nd degree skin burn - we had our pain medication.

When I was at the cottage last week, I, of course, had infant fever meds on hand.  And when the fever hit - I thought the pain reliever would do its job and our vacation would be fine.  However, I had forgotten about my post on How Innovative Technology Can Save Kids From Danger.

Pack important phone numbers.  I called Telehealth Ontario (free access to a registered nurse) and found out I was under-dosing my baby.  He's a big boy and needed his dosage based on weight rather than age.  I should have thought of that!   And the nurse disagreed with my parental diagnosis of teething...she thought his symptoms were something more. 

Pack your common sense.  After over 24 hours of a really high fever, I decided we needed to get him to a doctor.  Wait, I did 2nd guess myself - thinking - he can tough it out...the bigger kids were having such a good time.  That's when my common sense kicked in...take that baby to a doctor!

When traveling with sick kids - go with your gut.  It was sad to call off our vacation, but I will never regret putting my kids' health before fun. 

Post script: baby is on antibiotics, drinking lots and is on the road to wellness.