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Stadiums and F-bombs

Family Activities Can Sometimes Have Grown Up Tones

So this weekend, we left the baby for the 1st time and took the kids on a "big kid only" trip to see TFC (Toronto Football Club).  Bonding time with the biggies.  At one point I looked over to see my Thing 2 yelling "Bull Shirt" "Bull Shirt!" at the ref...

Now the rest of the crowd wasn't chanting "Bull Shirt" (delete the r and you can read what they were chanting).  Holy Wake Up Call Batman...Soccer Stadiums are not G rated.

Which really, isn't a big deal in our house...hey my kids take the school bus...they know all the really good bad words.  However, it kinda makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you hear a 6 foot man swear at the top of his the general area of where you're standing with your kids. 

My oldest noticed "everyone's drinking beer" and commented to her younger sister that  "they are just yelling bull shirt because their drunk".  (Honestly, I don't think anyone was drunk.  People were pretty responsible in their drinking.  They were just...well...being grown ups...cheering...bull sh*t).

And we really did have a good family time at TFC don't get me wrong.  Good game.  Good seats.  Very safe for all (super safe - they wouldn't give me the top to our bottle of water which I bought at the concession stand because of safety). 

Just a good reminder that some family activities have grown up tones.  And bombs.